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10 questions about the ECB
Eight years of monetary easing


Mario Draghi became President of the ECB on 1 November 2011 and just a few days later had the Governing Council unanimously approve a cut in policy rates. Before handing over to Christine Lagarde on 31 October 2019, Mr Draghi is preparing to close his term as he had opened it, i.e. by inciting the Council to ease monetary policy. Recent statements from the ECB are fairly straightforward in this respect. The only uncertainty concerns the timing and form that this easing could take. Before the next meeting on 25 July, we examine hereafter the issues in the form of a Q&A.

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10 questions about the ECB



ODDO BHF Corporates & Markets, Economy, 23 July 2019-Bruno Cavalier, Fabien Bossy