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Investment Office is a web platform that selects, structures, and aggregates the most relevant market observations from multiple sources. Our objective is to identify “non-linear” market developments, and match them with specific investment themes or risk factors.


Users are professional investors, such as pension fund managers, family offices, independent financial advisors, fund managers and selectors, CIOs, or risk managers.


We are not interested in daily news, noise, or where the “smart & sophisticated money” is going, there are plenty of websites that do a better job at this. Rather, we want to focus on insightful information and observations, with a consumption horizon that ranges from a few months to a few centuries.


The information content can be an abstract, an excerpt from a paper, a quote, a chart, or a full report. These “nuggets” of knowledge originate from academic papers, central banks, independent research houses, investment banks, fund managers, blogs, books, or from broad media sources.

Dedicated marketing modules are also available for asset managers to publish their content and improve communication with investors. Beyond content filtering and syndication, the Investment Office also helps improve market transparency by providing databases on institutional investors and intermediaries.


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